Blackjack Online Secret You Need to Know

All bettors know blackjack. The popularity of the game convince various casino game developers to create its online and mobile versions. Nowadays, you can find plenty of blackjack variants on online casinos. Here, we would love to share some Blackjack Online Secret You Need to Know!

Forget Superstitions

Blackjack is all about math and logic. There is no ritual which is able to ensure your victory. Forget what superstitious gamblers have told you and use only the valid strategies which are back up by logic and calculation. Although luck does influence the outcome of the game, winning blackjack is primarily the results of bettors’ tactics and skills.

Blackjack Online Secret You Need to Know

Blackjack Online Secret You Need to Know
Blackjack Online Secret You Need to Know

Pick Only the Best Online Casino

You cannot wish that all casinos are honest and willing to rewards you with your hard-earned payouts. Some of them only want to scam you. Hence, you should choose only the trustworthy, reputable casinos which are regulated and licensed. Not only do they offer you with fair opportunities at winning the game, they also give you generous bonuses and guaranteed payouts.

House Edge and the Game’ Variants

Different games apply different rules which affect the house edge. You have known that the lower the house edge, the bigger your chances of winning. Therefore, you should choose the best variants. Here are some of the best blackjack games in the UK and their house edges: Blackjack Switch – 0.17%, Pontoon by Playtech – 0.36%, Blackjack Surrender – 0.38%, Blackjack UK – 0.39%, Perfect Blackjack – 0.42%.

If you are not careful when choosing the game, you might stumble on the ones having house edges over 1% or even 2%. Such games are not the most profitable of course. If you wish to gain profits, stay away from those games.

Details about the Game

You must understand every detail about the game you’ve chosen because they affect the house edge. You have to know how much blackjack pays and the number of decks in the shoe. The rules about Split, Double Down, Surrender, and Charlie must be paid attention too.

In some cases, two different developers might create games bearing the same name. However, these games implement different rules. Classic Blackjack by NetEnt offers a house edge of 0.35%, while the house edge of the game having the same name created by Microgaming is merely 0.13%.

Using Blackjack Strategy

You should not only know the game’s rules; you have to be able to apply the strategies. You are definitely allowed to use the blackjack strategy card and calculators. These tools can help you a lot, especially if you are a beginner.

Another advice that we would like to share is that you should not place any side bet. It’s because those side bets have been crafted to increase the house edge. It is also impossible for you to practice card counting in online blackjack, except for the live games, because the deck is always shuffled after each hand.

Those are the Blackjack Online Secret You Need to Know. You must make sure to remember them the next time you visit your favorite online casinos. You may wish to look for other blackjack games if you have made a foolish choice. Always look for the options which most benefit you.

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