Cheating at Online Slots – Is it Worth It?

Sound your opinion about cheating at online slots – is it worth it? The punters who ask this question must be blinded by the glorious past, when slot machine is still in the middle of perfecting process. As the technologies developed, online slots ensures that the result would be fair. The main weapon, RNG, is unbeatable, at least until now.

Cheating at Online Slots – Is it Worth It?

Cheating at Online Slots - Is it Worth It?
Cheating at Online Slots – Is it Worth It?

How The Machine Works

Looking up online, you might hit a page that leads you to a casino cheat software. Before you click the download button, think further about what might happen to your computer, data and bank account. This is how the machine usually will work. After installed in the computer, it should be activated while you are playing online slots machine.

Then, it could recognize the RNG pattern and pull the odds to your favor. The good thing is the software could be downloaded for free. However, it has high potential to infect your computer with malware virus. No one could predict whether these viruses are harmful. Considering your data safety, it is better to avoid installing this kind of software.

Even when you find a paid software that could break an online slot games, it would take years. Including four slots or more numbers in a column makes billions combinations. What if the machine also includes symbols or pictures? Don’t forget that online system could be updated monthly or even weekly. Your cheat machine might have to restart the calculation for the combination has been altered.

The Fair Cheating

Instead of referring to these steps as cheating, it would be more decent to call them “smart play”. The first one is choosing the online slots with the highest pay back value. The average cash back would be 85 to 98%. It means you will get around 90 dollars back for every 100 dollars bill you put in. Think of the missing 10 dollars as the payment for 90% winning chance. It would make more sense.

The second step would be choosing online machine with rational wager amount. Look for detailed information about how much you should bet before you could redeem the bonus and cash. If the number is above 40% of your deposit, it will be better to find the other sites. This bad sites lure you in with huge bonus and complicated conditions to cash your bonus.

The last cheat option is to register to new sites every day. As you know, many first time players tend to win in their first games. Do you know why? It is to make the bettors get hooked to the slots. Once they spend more money, the return will be decreasing gradually.

Gambling is a game of luck. However, several players are pulling luck to their side by attempting to cheat. If you refer to the winning possibility in case the cheating machine works, then all the efforts are worth to try. However, until now there is no such cheating machine that could do so. Do you consider cheating at online slots – is it worth it? No, it is not.

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