Experience fast payout on Gold Dragon Slot Game Online

For an experienced player, one who has spent time playing on the oldest online game slots, the understanding golden dragon becomes much easier and experience fast payout on Gold Dragon Slot Game Online. The golden dragon is a symbol that is found in the 50 dragons slot game. This game was adapted from the 50 lions game and uses 5 reels and 50 lines. There are several symbols used in the 50 dragons games.

Symbols in 50 dragon game

The gold ingot, the wild pearl, and the gold dragon are slot game symbols involved in playing the 50 lines game, and each symbol is used in a different way. The gold ingot is also known as the scatter icon. By landing on either of the first three reels and on the scatter symbol, a player initiates the free spin bonus round. Three of these symbols trigger 10 extra spins for the player to enjoy. Emerging at these three points, the symbols enable the player to get a payout four times more than their initial stake. These winnings plus those from the free spins are all added onto the overall and final win.

Experience fast payout on Gold Dragon Slot Game Online

The wild pearl is a symbol that only occurs on the second, third fourth and fifth reels. Upon appearance a player can replace this symbol using any other on the game, hence the name wild icon. However, the wild pearl symbol cannot be replaced  by the gold ingot. Substituting for the other symbols helps the player to create combinations that are likely to guarantee them a win. At certain points every now and then, this pearl may also appear stacked. This brings out even more excitement on the game as a whole. Showing up stacked, the wild pearl brings with it the rare chance to help the players bankroll last longer as the player gets 3 or 5 of a kind symbols wins across the 50 lines.

Experience fast payout on Gold Dragon Slot Game Online
Experience fast payout on Gold Dragon Slot Game Online

Gold dragon symbol

Of all the symbols used in this game, the gold dragon symbols are the most popular as it is the icon that results in the highest payouts. Being a staked icon also means that it gets to appear on the same slot game reels more than once at a particular time. This gives the player a chance to win on big stakes. Filling the board with multiple dragons earns the bettors great winning. At any winning point or when a player gets to this icon, real dragon roars will fill up the air. This is an interesting feature that comes with the gold dragon symbol adding fun to the game. The symbol is worth a lot. One thousand credits to be specific. When a player lands on four or more of these symbols, they can earn up to more than two hundred times their initial bet value. Such a possible payout plus the exciting sound effects every time a player wins on the gold dragon symbol makes the game much appealing to players.

Gold dragon slot game

For the slot game itself, there are five pay lines and three reels and five coin slots. Using these, the computerised game makes it difficult for a player to access treasure from the hands of the gold dragon monster. A player that has played 5 dragons prior to trying on the 50 dragons stands a better chance of easily understanding the 50 dragon game. This is because the games are quite identical as the backdrops, the layout and even the symbols used are much similar. Like many other best slot game, all games that use the gold dragon feature are all based on luck and not any winning formula other than expertise. This expertise is developed through a lot of practice.

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