How to Increase Your Winning Percentage in Online Poker?

How to Increase Your Winning Percentage in Online Poker? The key to winning in online poker is to make fewer mistakes than your opponent.  The necessary adjustments come when you recognize your mistakes and take the due diligence to fix them.  Here are some common mistakes made by online poker players:

How to Increase Your Winning Percentage in Online Poker?

How to Increase Your Winning Percentage in Online Poker?
How to Increase Your Winning Percentage in Online Poker?
  • Not managing your bankroll

Bankroll management is a skill that must be honed to absorb the constant up and down swings of online poker.  This doesn’t mean you can’t enter a big tournament, but with proper bankroll management losing, that big tournament won’t hurt your funds quite as much.  Basically, the guidelines for proper bankroll management are playing at the proper limits and not bringing your entire bankroll to one table.

  • Playing too many hands

Patience is a virtue and you must have this virtue to win in online poker.  Playing too many hands is a prime example of the lack of patience.  The more hands you play the less likely you are to fold even when you know your beat.  The long shot hand is justified by the other hands you have in play.  The other hands your playing will win and make up for the loss, right?  Wrong!  You lose those hands as well and your bankroll is shot.

  • Emotional Playing

If you feel tired, angry, stressed, sad, or do not have the ability to concentrate, don’t play poker.  A stressful day at your job will lead to an equally stressful day at the virtual poker table.  You won’t be paying enough attention to capitalize on mistakes and will have a carefree attitude and throw all your money away.

Another trap to avoid is getting beaten by a player and then wanting revenge – then getting beaten again.  The need for revenge is clouding your judgment and you’re not fully invested in the game.

  • Playing above your level at too high of stakes

You need to be aware of your skill level and play accordingly.  The higher the stakes, the higher the skill level of the opponent(s).  The players are generally better as the stakes rise which requires you to bring more money to the table.  If you are not at the level of the players at the table, chances are you will get crushed.

  • Not knowing when to quit

It is a poker player’s nature to think, after winning a large hand, the winning will continue.  Then the next hand you lose but think that you will repeat the success on the next hand.  It just takes one, right?  Before you know it, that large sum of money you won is now gone.  You lost control of the table and as a result lost your money.

Set a time limit and no matter where your bankroll is, leave the table. If your bankroll is up, consider leaving the site and live to play another day with some cash to show for it.  Some of the most successful poker players credit much of their success to knowing when to walk away.


To increase your winning percentage in online poker, you must put the work into master the craft.  Read poker books, online articles, watch a video of actual games, and practice patience and knowing when enough is enough.  Be an unemotional online poker player who focuses on nothing but the game and is ready to pounce on your opponent’s mistakes.

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