Sic Bo Top Strategies That Can Help You Win Big

Every casino player must be familiar with a game that uses dice. Sic Bo is a game that uses 3 dice at once. This game is about luck entirely, but that does not mean there is no way to win this game. If you are new on this game, you may need to learn several Sic Bo top strategies that can help you win big.

When you are playing Sic Bo, any move you take can make a difference. You can win or lose, but there’s a way so you won’t lose big. On the other hand, you also have a chance to win, maybe not big but just enough to double your money. Try to play safe. Here, we are talking about playing on the defense side. Being patience is the key to stay longer in the game and to see where the fortune will bring you to.

Sic Bo Top Strategies That Can Help You Win Big

  • Play on 1:1 Betting

To be able to stay longer in the game, you have to play safe. Always put your bet on bets that pay 1:1. Why? On this bet, even though only paid as much as your stakes, you have 50:50 chance of winning. There are several kinds of bet that will give you 1:1 payment. It means that you will get the same amount of money that you put your bet on.

  • Small and Big Bets

What is small and big bets? This bets will make you win more often than any other bet. This bet will also pay you 1:1 of your money. A small bet is when the player puts a bet in which the sum of the three dice’s roll total will be between 4 and 10. The big bet is when the sum of the three dice’s roll is between 11 and 17.

  • Single Dice Bet

You will also get the 1:1 odds on Single dice bet. This bet allows you to bet on which number that will appear on the three dices. If the number you bet appears on one of the three dices, then you will get 1:1 payout. If the number you are betting on appears on two of the three dices, than you’ll get double or 1:2 payment. If you get the three dices shows your number, then your payment will be tripled.

  • Even and Odd Bets

You will win big if you can combine the bets between the small and big bets, single dice bets, and even odd bets. These three kinds of bets will give you 50:50 chance of winning. When you are lucky enough, you will get your money tripled in instant. Playing on even and odd bets means that you will put your bet on whether the sum of the three dice’s roll are even or odd.

There’s a specific rule about the small big bets and even odd bets. If the three numbers of the three dices are the same, the player won’t get any payment of we can say that you lose. Now that you learn several Sic Bo top strategies that can help you win big, it is time for you to apply it and see if you can secure your winning.

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