Some good strategies on playing live dragon tiger game

While at a live casino, a player would encounter the baccarat games. These are card games the simplest of which is the dragon tiger game. When playing this gambling game, two cards are used. One of the cards is dealt with the dragon and another to the tiger. As you can see, here are some good strategies on playing live dragon tiger game, the player and the dealer do not play against each other. The cards are placed in the position of these two such that the player predicts by betting which one will be higher than the other. This is the main bet in this game.

Some good strategies on playing live dragon tiger game

Other than the main bet, other bets can be placed. These include the dragon or tiger suit, the tie, the dragon or tiger small and the dragon and tiger big. The tie bet implies that the cards will be of the same value and the dragon or tiger bets predict whether the cards placed will be below or above respectively, whereas the suit bets on the shape of the card placed.

Upon getting a seven card for the last three betting options, the bettor ends up a loser. The good thing about the main bet is that landing on a tie guarantees a 50% refund from your initial betting value. This is of benefit to the dealer’s as it gives them a house edge. Once you have understood the types of bets, one can proceed to play the game on online casino websites. Have fun and enjoy the whole game.

Some good strategies on playing live dragon tiger game
Some good strategies on playing live dragon tiger game

Following factors to maximise their chances of winning

Counting cards

Due to the simplicity of the game in general, the player can easily count the cards dealt. By doing this, a player can keep track of the remaining cards and also know how many of the low and high cards remain in the deck. Another simple way of counting is tracking the number of sevens drawn, this is because drawing a seven leads to a loss. Therefore counting the sevens drawn helps you know your probability of losing.As is the case with gambling games they depend on luck as much as they depend on strategy. From experience, a strategy is built from a skill which in turn is built from practice. This leads us to our first strategy which is practice. Once you have understood the rules of the game, get as much practice as you can before playing from money. Also, you can try playing casino games on best casino online apps. It is easy and fast to use.

Main bet

For Some good strategies on playing live dragon tiger game, a player that chooses to just freelance while playing, placing a bet on either the dragon or tiger is a good beginning point. This being the minimum possible bet, has a house edge of 3.73%. The player gets even money from just staking on whether the dragon or the tiger will get a greater value on the cards placed.

The suit strategy

Counting also makes it easy for you to keep track of the four suits and also to choose your bets wisely thereby increasing your probability of winning. A player who wills to place a suit bet, therefore, is advised to follow up closely up to the point the join, this is always not simple to do as there are 8 decks that are shuffled together for a single game.

Combining more than one bet

Placing different bets is also a good way to increase the chance to big win in online casino. As much as one stands to lose, they will not lose on all the placed bets and hence will not leave the table empty-handed. This is also good for those that thrive from the anticipation that builds up while gambling. The house edges also differ for the different bets and this also affects not just the individual payout for each bet but also the overall win.


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