Top 3 Secrets You Need to Learn in Live Roulette Game

Are you tired of playing online RNG roulette games? Perhaps, you look for some interactions with a real human croupier without leaving your comfy home. Then, you should try live roulette games! Yet, before you try your luck, please read the top 3 secrets you need to learn in live roulette game. Before we share these secrets, you have to know that the rules used in live roulette games are the same with the ones used by online RNG roulettes. Hence, you can use the same strategies. Yet, there are some advantages that you can take from this variant of roulette which can improve your winning chances.

Top 3 Secrets You Need to Learn in Live Roulette Game

The First Secret: Pay Attention to the Wheel

In live roulette, you can see the table, wheel, ball, and dealer as if you are gambling in a land-based casino. Hence, you must pay attention to those details. First of all, make sure that you play the most profitable variant of roulette. It is better to choose the European roulette table having only 37 pockets. You can decrease the house edge even more if you choose to play the French roulette which offers you La Partage and En Prison rules.

Top 3 Secrets You Need to Learn in Live Roulette Game
Top 3 Secrets You Need to Learn in Live Roulette Game

Since you can see the real dealer, you can also observe the dealer signature. It is how the dealer consciously or unconsciously aims the ball in such a way that it consistently lands on a similar zone of the wheel. This knowledge allows you to adjust your bets in order to cover those segments.

If you are scientifically capable, you might calculate on which pocket the ball will fall. You can do this by learning the physics of roulette, the chaos theory, and the standard deviation. Yet, since it is illegal and very difficult, we would not recommend it.

The Second Secret: The Safe Approach

Live roulette allows you to observe the game better. Thus, you must record your winnings and losses which will help you determine the bets that you will place on the next spin. If you are still learning the game’s basics, you should stick to the outside bets and keep your bet size small. However, if your bankroll is quite big, you can try inside bets which give bigger returns with greater risks. You should also avoid placing a wager on single number bets and multiple of five for they have the worst odds.

The Third Secret: Solid Bankroll Management

Betting within your means allow you to survive a long losing run. Keeping your bet small and use safe betting systems, such as the fixed bet and the proportional bet, can build a slow, steady profits. However, you can also play roulette using the progressive betting systems, like the Martingale and the Fibonacci, if luck is in your favor. Yet, never rely on them and switch to the safe approach when you face a cold streak.

After knowing these top 3 secrets you need to learn in the live roulette game, you can maximize your winning opportunities. Besides getting the profits and enjoyment, you can socialize with the dealer and other players. What are you waiting for?

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