Variants of Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo is said to be pretty fun and interesting casino game to play. To play it, you just need to bet on the combination of numbers that will appear on the roll of 3 dice and you will get paid if you bet correctly. Other than that, there are variants of Sic Bo game that you need to understand before you play the game itself.

Variants of Sic Bo Game

Variants of Sic Bo Game
Variants of Sic Bo Game

Sic Bo originally comes from China and it is the old Chinese game. It is now widely spread in casinos around the world. To play it, you need to now its strategies and different variants of free bet sicbo game before deciding to give it a shot.

  1. Grand Hazard

This variant of Sic Bo is basically a combination between a game named Hazard and Sic Bo itself. This game is played using 3 dice and the goal is to bet on the outcome number of a 3-dice roll. In this game, the dice are placed in a cup or in an inclined chute and the dice will roll from this chute.

  1. Chuck-a-luck

This Sic Bo is known as Birdcage since the dice are placed in a wire cage that looks like the birdcage. This game used to be pretty popular in Nevada, but it is becoming rare since it has been replaced with Sic Bo tables. To play it, the dealer will rotate the cage and it will make the dice land at the bottom. Then, the players need to bet in a single number with an additional bet for any triple.

  1. Yee Hah Hi

Instead of using dice, this game will use picture for players to bet. The popular name for it is Fish Shrimp Crab and the pictures will correspond to certain color; Fish – red, Scorpion – green, Goard – blue, Coin – blue, Crab – green, and Rooster – red.

You can bet on all the same color, meaning that you will win if the 3 dice show the same color, and the payout will be 7:1. Then, you can also bet on the specific color shown by 2 dice and you will win if two dice show the color you choose, the payout for this bet will be 3:1. The last bet you can make is betting on one specific color and you will win if the color appear. The payout for this bet is 1:1 and the house edge for those bet will be 11.11%.

  1. Hoo Hee How

Hoo Hee How is basically the same with Yee Hah Hi which uses symbols instead of numbers. This variant of Sic Bo can only be found in the online casino under the Amigotechs software. The dice symbols are Fish, Coin, Crab, Scorpion, Goard, and Rooster and there are 6 bets that you can choose that represent the symbols. The payout will be from 1:1 to 3:1 depending on the symbols appearance and the house edge will be 7.87%.

You need to know the variants of Sic Bo game in order to determine which variant works best for you.

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