Winning tips on how to play the 5 Fortune Dragon Slot Game

If you are a beginner and you want to enjoy the maximum play of this game, follow the following winning tips on how to play the 5 Fortune Dragon Slot Game to make sure that you become a pro before you even click on the buttons of the game. First, when you enter into the site, go to the right top center and click the large icon that you see. It has balance, game help, bet history, background music and the sound of the game.  For the background music and sound, you can enable them if you want to get entertained while playing the game.

Winning tips on how to play the 5 Fortune Dragon Slot Game

The left bottom, there is an indication of play table. That is where all the features are. First select your denomination which is the kind of money that you want to keep as stake. Second, ensure that you put the play lines that you want to activate. The game has 15 play lines and you need to ensure that you activate them for to get the ability to win big. You can choose to activate as many as you want to depend on the amount of stake that you have at the moment. The value of the play lines is the same once you keep the stake. Your bet amount will always be displayed at the bottom once you out the stake and activate the pay lines you want to play.

Winning tips on how to play the 5 Fortune Dragon Slot Game
Winning tips on how to play the 5 Fortune Dragon Slot Game

There is also a bit number option. Here, you look at the number of bets that you want to make. Make sure that you select either one or more than one because without doing so, you will not be able to play the game. When you increase the number of bets, the stake also keeps on getting multiplied and you could end up spending over $100 for you to be able to make one spin.

Hit the max bet button to win bigger prizes

On the bet max button, that is when you want to play all the 15 pay lines at the same time. They are not activated one by one but instead, they are activated all of them at a go. This is what makes them be perfectly nice. To ensure that you bet max, make sure that you put enough stake to cover all the 15 lines so that you are not rejected from playing the game. This is what makes winning possible at all times. Bet max increases winning chances but you need to spend a lot of money as a stake to ensure that you are totally sorted.

You have two spinning options which need to know how to utilize them before you can be able to play the game fantastically. You need to ensure that you use the spin option only. This is because you are the one who spins the game and stops it when you want to play the game. This is what makes the game be super because you get more fun. When you click on the auto play button, you are always entitled to automatic plays. These make you sit down and relax while the machine spins and makes winnings on its own. You need to decide how to play on your own because this is a game of the best outcomes. Your balance is always reflected on the screen before and after you win.

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